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Bookings and Awards Now Open

When: 21st and 22nd June

Where: Cardiff City Centre

How to Book: Click here

  • Tickets for Summer School 2022 (High Streets vs The Industrial Revolution) now open.

  • Early Bird discount available for all groups of 2 or more (ALL IN for just £150 per person), exclusive to members of ATCM available until the 16th May.

  • Applications now open for a one-off special of the Town and City Management Industry Awards.


Tickets for Summer School 2022 are now available.

Book now to reserve your place for High Streets vs the Industrial Revolution.

In line with ATCM tradition, this event will be a multi-sector event bringing together different industries for:

  • Keynote talks from industry leaders

  • Interactive workshops

  • Informative study tours

  • The return of the Town and City Management Industry Awards

  • The ATCM AGM 

  • Excellent networking opportunities

Book your place now. If you are booking for two or more people then why not benefit from our excellent Early Bird discount of just £150 (+VAT) per person ‘All In’ which expires on the 16th May.

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The Theme: High Streets vs The Industrial Revolution

High streets face double trouble.

Two global forces have come together to transform the way our local economies work, making our high streets unrecognisable to what they were at the turn of the Century.

The Pandemic

The first, a global pandemic which rewired the way we work, trade, play, travel and live. This has forced us to reconsider concepts such as agglomeration and density and could alter our economic geography for years to come.

The Industrial Revolution

The second might be even more profound. An industrial revolution, with digital at its heart, sits behind the pandemic fuelling the changes in the way the people and businesses engage. It has been slowly transforming our economy and society for years, with the COVID-19 lighting the blue touch paper.

We are witness to significant changes in high street business models, the flourishing of the urban logistics industry and a rewriting of the relationship between traditional employment hubs such as regional cities, and their neighbouring commuter towns.

Understanding Change, Predicting Change, and Shaping Change

The return of Summer School brings together leaders across the urban place management industry in the UK and Ireland with the protagonists of the industrial revolution to make sense of the changes that have already happened, to predict what change might come next, and most importantly of all, to consciously shape the future innovations for the benefit of our town city centres going forward. This will take place through the lens of high quality plenaries, workshops and study tours.

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The Return of the Town and City Management Industry Awards

ATCM Summer School 2022 will host the long-awaited return of the Town and City Management Industry Awards. In recognition of the work of members over the past two years, and our need to highlight how the industry can reach new heights of economic and social contribution in the middle of a crisis, we will be undertaking a special awards programme, honouring best practice in pandemic response.

The application process for the Awards is now open. We are inviting members to throw the hat in the ring, or to nominate others for the following:

Recognising Best Practice Schemes

● Business Support Scheme;

● Best Event;

● Best Safety, Security and Resilience Scheme;

● Best Social and Community Contribution;

● Best Environmental Contribution;

● Best Digital High Street Scheme;

● Best Marketing and Branding Scheme;

● Best Culture and Arts Scheme; or

● Best Accessibility Scheme

Download the submission form in Word available here.

Recognising Inspirational Individuals and Organisations

● Best Ambassador, Warden or Ranger

● Inspirational Leader

● Outstanding Partnership

● Outstanding High Street Business (NEW)

Download the submission form in Word available here.

Much more information on Summer School will be circulated over the coming weeks including speakers, sponsors and accommodation options. For now, book your place and prepare those award submissions.

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