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Getting by with a little help from our friends

ATCM collaborates with a range of organisations to support the day-to-day delivery of great place management by our practitioner members. 

See below for more information on the support available for place managers.

Business Consultation


MRI OnLocation for Footfall Analytics has been counting footfall and related customer data since 2002 and publishing benchmarking data since 2009. They have developed a system that delivers:

● Latest generation AI technology with >98% accuracy
● Dashboards and reports designed for easy access and interrogation
● Industry-leading benchmarking
● Training to enhance understanding and maximise service value


Loqiva is a SaaS platform that helps councils, BIDs, universities and estate owners to deliver intelligent mobile services. It’s comprised of a suite of web administered tools for platform owners and local businesses as well as mobile applications for Android and iOS.

Loqiva's software is inspired by academic research, environmental science and the latest IoT technologies. They believe in public data ownership and circular economies. They have been selected as one of the UK's leading technology firms by Future Cities Catapult and Innovate UK.


Blachere Illumination is probably best known for helping town centres and BIDs across the UK to transform the look and feel of their town centres with their unique approach to festive and winter lighting.
As the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of festive lighting, we can help you to avoid the middleman with an unbeatable service, from design through to installation and dismantling with total control over quality and lead time.


The Insights Family manage both Parents Insights and Kids Insights, identifying how consumer behaviour is evolving. In an increasingly fragmented world, the importance of a large, representative sample is more important than ever.

Surveying 400 different children ranging from ages four to 18 every single week, Kids Insights has been designed to provide clients with a 99% confidence level at an annual level. The sample is nationally representative regarding both age and gender.

Parents Insights looks at the ways in which brands can maintain their advantage with parents. By delving into their world, Parents Insights gain information on what they are consuming, alongside their babies and young children, in terms of their digital environment, media, products and services.


Proximity Futures are a UK leading provider of data analytics, specialising in Town, City and High
Street environments that, through data analysis of key metrics help decision makers to make smarter, informed choices.


Town and City Gift Card programmes are designed to lock in additional spend for participating business communities. They drive footfall into town centres, encourage discovery of new businesses and stimulate additional economic activity. The programmes are easy to set up and can even be self-funding.


Places are about experiences and City Dressing have been delivering award winning experiences for over 10 years.


DestinationCore creates websites that are built specifically for BIDs, DMOs, shopping centres and leisure and retail destinations.

The digital platform brings together the analysis of all your digital marketing actions into one place so you can easily measure and access the impact of your online activity.


Headquartered in Leeds, Local TV Ltd. is the largest local broadcast television group in the UK and one of the UK’s leading diversified local media companies.

Local TV owns and operates nine television channels providing sales and video services to over 7 million homes or approximately 25% of all UK television households. We leverage local content to bring services and value to consumers and advertisers on television, digital and social media platforms.

Local TV’s digital outlets and extensive social media presence allows audiences to access hyper-local news, video and information whenever and wherever they choose, providing advertisers with a broad audience reach and creating new and growing digital revenue opportunities.


LoyalFree is a market leading place promotion app working with BIDs and Councils covering 65+ towns and cities in the UK. The multi award winning app promotes business offers/loyalty schemes, events, tourism information and interactive trails.


Odin Events are a fresh thinking Event Entertainment Supplier. 


If your planning an event or special occasion and would like the professionals to take care of it then you have come to the right place.

Odin have years of event planning and organisational experience and have provided their event management services and fun event equipment to countless organisations across the UK.


Councils and local authorities are under increasing pressure to deliver quality services to improve the quality of life for citizens whilst reducing spend. Utilising the Internet of Things and low-cost, low-power connectivity we partner with you to provide a single pane of glass view of how your community is being impacted, enabling you to make faster, smarter decisions.


Toolbox Marketing provides insight-driven strategic and creative solutions to retail property and place making challenges. Their work ranges from the serious business of portfolio planning and brand repositioning – to the magic of creating emotionally engaging communications that make people want to shop, dine and play.  Toolbox Marketing are your in-house out-sourced marketing partner. Self-described as shopaholics, geeks by nature, addicted to social networks and completely crazy about design. Their creative-minded team is here to support you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Movement Strategies measure, analyse and enhance places, events, transport and cities for all the people that use them. Movement Strategies provides three lines of, analytics, insights - providing integrated design and operations advice for buildings and places, including social distancing. Applying pioneering algorithms to complex spatial data sets, extracting valuable insights on behalf of data owners and their clients.


The NMTF was founded in 1899 as the National Market Traders Federation and is the only national trade association for market and street traders, events retailers and mobile caterers in the UK.  In recent times the NMTF has introduced projects and campaigns aimed at promoting the retail markets industry and ensuring that it has the people needed to continue – shoppers, and a stream of new traders willing to carry on the tradition.


Night Time Economy Solutions are global leaders in night time economy management. Passionate about helping towns and cities become safer, vibrant and more attractive at night. Night Time Economy Solutions™ specialises in designing creative solutions to enduring problems of safety in the night-time economy. NTES can help to develop sustainable solutions to overcome problems such as violence, drugs, binge drinking, weapons, NPS, vulnerability, training, lack of volunteers or A&E departments being overwhelmed by large numbers of intoxicated people.


Place Support Partnership offers structured business support solutions for towns, cities, local authorities and BIDs, providing experienced and qualified professionals with sector and industry specific knowledge to support your place. Their partners each have direct experience of supporting and managing places, embedding effective stakeholder engagement strategies and delivering robust marketing plans to enable growth.


ShopperTrak brings digital shopper analytics into the store to help optimise the shopper experience.
Big data in retail is being used to shape the customer experience by making shopping easier, more convenient and more interesting. Sensormatic ShopperTrak solutions collect and deliver data that retailers can easily convert into meaningful insights and actionable outcomes.
From people counting devices at store entrances to location-based technologies monitoring shopper movement, ShopperTrak solutions can build a comprehensive picture of the shopper journey and customer behaviour in stores and shopping centres.

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