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Sharing Best Practice the Urban Place Management Industry

Place management is an industry still in its infancy and can be a lonely job for those tasked with managing high streets, town centres and city centres. In 1991, ATCM was founded by the vanguard of the industry to facilitate the sharing of best practice. This remains a core role of the organisation to this day.

The issues we discuss today are boarder than they were in 1991. Issues around high street renewal, business support and reducing shoplifting now overlap with challenges such as Brexit, the pandemic response, the climate emergency and gang violence.

The way we share information has also evolved. A mix of new technology and changing behaviours through the onset of COVID-19 means we have revolutionised the way we communicate with our members.

However, the foundation is still the same. Local government, Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), independent town centre management schemes, property agencies, national government, high street businesses and many others coming together to understand how we make great places.

Here is how we share best practice.

Office Conference
Basecampo Logo.png


ATCM Basecamp is a virtual network which allows members to share best practice in real-time, with others across the UK and Ireland.

Virtual Team Meeting


The pandemic necessitated the emergence of a new range of events from ATCM that could bring members together virtually, even if we could not be in the same room physically. One benefit to this was the ability to bring together our members across the UK and Ireland regularly without the need to travel. High Street Conversations was born, tackling the top issues of the day featuring contributions from key players across industry and government.

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A one day no holds barred event centred on a single theme with critical relevance to the urban place management industry. Past themes include 'Local Growth in an Era of Fiscal Devolution', ‘Death of the High Street?’ and ‘Green High Street 2050: The Climate Emergency’.



Our flagship annual event which usually spans over a couple of days of more. Summer School is focused around practical learning and best practice for newcomers and experienced place managers alike, featuring the coveted Town and City Management Industry Awards dinner and Purple Flag awards ceremony.



A network focused on the big issues from the big cities, understanding the challenges unique to our regional urban centres across the UK and Ireland.



We also have geographically focused networks focussing on sharing information and best practice in specific regions and nations across the UK and Ireland.

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