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Making sense of the impact of rapid technological change on high streets

Rapid technological change is having a profound impact on high streets. Online shopping, social media, consumer behaviour, logistics, entertainment, crime, you name it. ATCM is working hard to understand what the full impact is and how we can support stakeholders such as businesses, urban place managers and governments to adapt to ensure resilient local economies.



The scale of change across industry and society is difficult to comprehend. Getting to grips with the true scale of an industrial revolution where digital technologies are changing the ways we trade, travel, communicate and consume is not a journey we can travel alone. That's why ATCM is delighted to welcome both Visa and Google as corporate members, two pioneering organisations who can bring a level of understanding to change that we cannot get anywhere else.

These partnerships give us insight on the latest innovations and provide us with a platform to adapt quickly to everything from new payment technologies to new video technologies, all impacting modern day business models.

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