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Locally, Nationally and Internationally

Being a multi-sector membership network spanning the public, private and voluntary spheres is our strength. When ATCM lobbies government, the diversity of our network means we have to adopt a neutral position that benefits the health and vibrancy of places holistically over and above the individual needs of specific stakeholders. This is acknowledged and appreciated by policy-makers, and is why we have consistently punched above our weight with our political influence.



We have successfully....

  • Shaped landmark planning policy referred to as PPG6 working with the then named Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. This led to the Town Centres First principle being embedded within England’s National Planning Policy Framework and was replicated across the UK in some form.

  • Worked with UK Government to develop and introduce ground breaking legislation leading to the creation of Business Improvement Districts (BIDs).

  • Coordinated UK Parliament’s response to the Portas Review and delivered the Portas Project on behalf of the then Department for Communities and Local Government.

  • Successfully lobbied for the first ever Minister for Town Centres within the UK Government.

  • Raised the profile of urban place management in the EU Urban Agenda in partnership with the International Downtown Association.

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ATCM coordinates the secretariat for the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Town Centres whose members have included MPs have progressed to become Ministers, Shadow Ministers and even Prime Ministers.

The mission of the APPG for Town Centres is to promote parliamentary and public understanding of the importance of town and city centres and their management as a key mechanism for coordinated action, fostering public and private sector dialogue and co-operation in order to build environments that are healthy, sustainable and socially inclusive.

This group has an excellent track record in influencing public policy.

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