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Celebrating Small Business

Revo invites High Street Businesses to Apply for ‘Independent Operator of the Year’

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Just when you thought it was safe to put the awards application forms away...

Last year, our partners at Revo introduced their new industry awards for the built environment, ‘The Revo's’. These recognise and celebrate talent within the retail, leisure and placemaking property sector. The Revo’s return for 2024, and they are looking for applications from great high street businesses across the UK.

This award recognises outstanding achievements by an independent business operator in the retail, leisure or placemaking industry. This award is open to individuals who own and operate a business independently without being part of a larger corporate chain.

Independent Operator of the Year Winner 2023.jpg

Criteria for Entry:

  • The nominee must be an independent operator, meaning they own and operate a business without the support of a larger corporate entity. 

  • The business must have been in operation for at least two years. 

  • The nominee must have less than 10 stores/locations.



Innovation: Does the business demonstrate a unique approach or new ideas in their industry?


Customer experience: How does the business prioritise customer satisfaction and create a positive experience for their patrons? 

Social value: Does the business give back to their community or promote social initiatives? 

Resilience: Has the business overcome challenges and adapted to changes in their industry? 

Measurable success: What tangible results has the business achieved, such as increased revenue, customer base, or recognition in their field?

If you have great businesses in your area, make sure they have the chance to enter The Revo’s for 2024.

More information on The Revo’s can be found here.

To enter The Revo’s, click here.

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