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UK and Irish Destinations Celebrate Purple Flag Success

23 destinations across the UK and Ireland celebrate accreditation 

in Purple Flag this month

In the latest round of Purple Flag assessments, 23 areas demonstrated success in achieving the accreditation standards, underscoring the robustness of partnerships dedicated to fostering a vibrant evening and night-time economy.

We extend our congratulations to Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Barnsley, Belfast (pictured below), Chelmsford, Chester, Darlington, Drogheda, Leicester, Northampton, and Nottingham, all of whom garnered praise from assessors and the panel during their in-person assessments.

Further congratulations go to Broadgate, Canterbury, Cardiff, Carrick-on-Shannon, Galway, Liverpool, Omagh, Reading, Salthill, Sheffield, Southampton, Southend-on-Sea, and Stockport, each of whom successfully completed their interim assessments, showcasing their commitment to maintaining Purple Flag standards.

IMG_1184 (1).jpeg

In the midst of the prevailing cost of living crisis and various challenges impacting towns and cities across the UK and Ireland, achieving Purple Flag status stands out as a symbol of resilience. On the 21st March, Nottingham hosted the Purple Flag Awards which included a roundtable session exploring the successes of accredited destinations. This includes Leicester's success in reducing crime at night by 28% over a five year period from 2018.

Beyond economic concerns, these designated areas not only exemplify a dedication to vibrant and secure nightlife but also exhibit a commitment to building strong communities. In the face of broader issues, Purple Flag becomes a powerful tool for creating robust and thriving places, fostering a sense of partnership that goes beyond just ensuring a lively nightlife scene.

Congratulations to all those accredited centres.

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