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31st March 2022

ShopAppy are looking for the UK's
favourite family business.

The team at ShopAppy are inviting all ATCM members representing towns and cities across the UK to join a national campaign to identify the UK’s favourite family business which ends on 12th June 2022. 

ATCM members are all invited to take part in what will be a great way to attract attention to local businesses to boost footfall and local spending over the next couple of months at a key time when budgets are increasingly squeezed for households, businesses and local authorities and BIDs. Most importantly it will provide a positive news story for your local high streets and markets to support local recovery.
To register your town or city to take part in this FREE campaign join here – this will ensure you will get access to campaign materials including digital stickers, social posts and messages as well as press releases to get your town or city involved. It will also ensure you get the nominations sent to you for your own use in local promotions too.

A key part of the campaign is asking residents and visitors to nominate their favourite family business with the hashtags #ShopLocal #ItsAFamilyThing on
Family businesses will get informed about their nominations and what is being said which will be a great boost for businesses and your areas. One business will be selected by a panel of judges and will receive a professional photography session for their family and an award. The winner will be announced on 27th June 2022. To benefit from the campaign, sign up here or to make your own nomination of a favourite family business click here.

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