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‘Cities and the Climate Crisis’ Available On Demand With Less than a Month To Go Before Built Environment takes Centre Stage at COP26

With less than a month before built environment takes centre stage at COP26, 'Divided We Fall: Cities and the Climate Crisis' is being made available on demand.

This virtual Pre-COP event brought leading climate scientists, city experts and urban place managers from five different countries and three different continents together.

The event is now streaming as the ATCM Chair, CEO and members of staff, confirm their attendance at COP26 and England's Environment Agency delivers a stark warning to ‘adapt or die’ in the face of climate breakdown.

World Leading Contributors

The event included contributions from:

Dr Neil Jennings
Partnership Development Manager
Grantham Institute - Climate Change and the Environment
Imperial College London

Lauren Racusin (AICP)
Urban Planning, Sustainability and Economic Development
Bloomberg Associates

Alice Charles
Lead for Cities, Infrastructure & Urban Services
World Economic Forum

Dr Rafiq Hamdi
Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium
A Lead Author for the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Lisa Carlson
CEO of Canterbury BID (UK)
Chair of ATCM

Leona Agouridis
Executive Director
Golden Triangle BID (Washington D.C)

Tasso Evangelinos
Cape Town Central City Improvement District

The event was co-hosted by the International Downtown Association and ATCM. It was co-chaired by David Downey, CEO and President of the International Downtown Association and Ojay McDonald, the CEO of ATCM.

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All Videos

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