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New aerial installation by renowned artist debuts over London's famous Oxford Street

A new aerial art installation has taken over London’s famous Oxford Street to encourage action on the transition to a low carbon future, helping to fund community rooftop solar energy and the planting of woodland in the capital.

The Clean Power campaign, which was founded by #TOGETHERBAND in support of UN Sustainable Development Goal 7, has partnered with Oxford Street to amplify the message and help visitors, shoppers and businesses find out how they can play their part.

Made of recycled plastic from marine environments, the installation consists of 105 vast, 4-metre flags, which span the entire length of Oxford Street from Marble Arch to Tottenham Court Road. Once the artwork has made its debut in London’s West End, the campaign will embark on a world tour that will see it visit Japan, The US, Italy, Australia and New Zealand.

Clean Power-1.JPG

The installation marks only the second time the famous flags have changed on Oxford Street this year. It is also the first time ever that an artist has curated or created the flags, and the first time they have supported an environmental cause.

Contemporary artist Morag Myerscough is behind the bold visual installation for the Clean Power campaign - an initiative which uses art as a catalyst to drive change and aims to educate and empower individuals and businesses to create a positive environmental impact.

What’s more, everyone in the UK can support the Clean Power campaign by purchasing a digital artwork created by Morag for just £3. Through the digital artwork, the campaign will fund the installation of new community rooftop solar energy in central London alongside the planting of a new woodland in Greater London. It will then support different initiatives in the cities it visits over the coming months.

The impactful and joyful aerial art installation features hundreds of flags emblazoned with the words ‘TIME FOR CLEAN POWER’. They will run along the course of London’s iconic Oxford Street for four weeks. The installation is accompanied by a Clean Power sculptural work and animated graphic artwork, which will debut on September 1st on the famous Piccadilly Circus lights.

Morag Myerscough, Artist, said: “My work is synonymous with bold colours and powerful positive messaging. It is so wonderful to see Europe’s busiest street filled with colour and hope. With this work I wanted to put out an optimistic approach towards our future, if we work together we can help make the changes we need to happen. The oranges, greens and blues represent the sun, sea and air that we need to power ourselves to a renewable future.”

Clean Power-2.JPG

The campaign is not only aimed at the public – it is also encouraging businesses to get involved through the Big Clean Switch, which is able to advise them on the switch to renewable energy and help to join them up with suppliers whose environmental credentials and customer service have been thoroughly checked.

Dee Corsi, COO of New West End Company, said: “We are delighted to partner with Clean Power and Morag to launch the first ever environmental campaign above Oxford Street. Not only does the stunning installation bring joy to everyone who sees it, the campaign helps spread an important message and raise funds for initiatives that will make real change. London’s West End is committed to becoming a more sustainable district through our overall path to net zero carbon, sustainable customer experiences and improved air quality. The Clean Power campaign encapsulates the work that we as a District need to deliver to ensure that we achieve our overall ambition for the West End to be the leading global destination for sustainable retail, leisure, dining and the built environment”

Clean Power launches in London on August 10th before travelling internationally to countries around the world including Japan, The US, Italy, Australia and New Zealand.

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