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Identifying the best of the best in the Town and City Management Industry

At Summer School 2022, the Town and City Management Industry (TCMI) Awards are set to return for a one-off pandemic special recognising best practice during a crisis. While much of the Awards will be similar to previous years, there will be some key changes in the context of the challenges of the past two years.


Why These Awards Are Different

The pandemic has created a new reality for the town and city management industry. ‘Business as normal’ ceased the moment, against our instincts, we joined the effort of asking people to stay home to save lives. Therefore, the 2022 TCMI Awards cannot be business as normal.

However, what they can be is a platform to promote and celebrate the extraordinary work this industry has done in an extraordinarily tough environment. The Awards, as a one-off for 2022, can demonstrate how our industry became the last line of defence for businesses in the biggest economic crisis in generations. This will provide ATCM with a bank of best practice which we can use to strengthen our advocacy work with the UK, Welsh, Scottish and Irish governments and the Northern Ireland Executive on behalf of our members.

Furthermore, in recognition that the dark cloud cast by COVID-19 remains to this day with infections continuing to impact the economy, this best practice can be applied elsewhere across our industry.


How These Awards Are Different

To realise this through our Awards Programme, there will be changes. The first change is, rather than the Awards only applying to new schemes delivered over the past 12 months period, they will cover all schemes delivered since the onset of the pandemic in March 2020, spanning over two years. This can include work to support businesses in the middle of lockdown, to post-pandemic recovery.

The second change is that the schemes we are looking for must have some relevance to the pandemic to demonstrate how this industry has navigated this crisis.

However, other things will remain similar. The broad categories will remain the same as previous years. Also, we will be on the look-out for work that has been particularly innovative and ground-breaking.

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Introducing the Outstanding High Street Business Award

We are adding a new category. For the first time ever, we are adding an ‘Outstanding High Street Business Award’ to recognise and celebrate the efforts of our members’ members. Whether it’s a traditional business that met the challenge of the pandemic head on and did something extraordinary to survive and thrive, or a new business which somehow managed to start trading during the pandemic, sparking interest and delighting customers. We welcome as many submissions as possible.

Thinking of Throwing Your Hat in the Ring?

Applications for the TCMI Awards will open this week and give members one month to submit their applications. The shortlist will be determined by the beginning of June with the winner announced at the TCMI Awards Dinner in Cardiff on the 21st June, part of Summer School 2022.

Watch this space!

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