External Vacancies

ATCM are happy to advertise recruitment posts for town, city or place management roles.  The ATCM network comprises of our members, who are currently running over 2000 contacts.  This is therefore the ideal method / forum for you to find experienced and knowledgable candidates that you might be looking for.

Whether you are recruiting for one position or setting up a new partnership team, the ATCM website is the most effective way for you to find Town/City Centre management professionals.

Key Benefits:

  • Targets TCM / CCM candidates
  • One off flat fee regardless of word count or the length of time your advert will run
  • All amendments (including extension of the closing date) are free of charge
  • An email to all ATCM members highlighting your vacancy

Costs: ATCM Members: £300 (+VAT)
           Non member:   £600 (+VAT)

In addition to the advertisements of jobs and tender contracts, the ATCM team can support with Panel Interviews. To discuss your specific requirements, please contact 0207 222 0120 or email membership@atcm.org for further details.

To advertise you vacancy please contact office@atcm.org.