ATCM Eastern Network

Nominations invited for the position of ATCM Chair for the Eastern Region

ATCM is looking for a forward thinking, engaging and active practitioner member to act as the ATCM Chair for the Eastern (English) region. The Chair will be expected to be a focal point for membership where necessary and will actively encourage feedback and improvement across the organisation.

We would like to thank our current Chair Emma Thornton, whose tenure is coming to an end, for all the hard work and support she has provided to the ATCM. 


ATCM currently has an existing network structure with coverage across England and other UK administrations. This structure ensures we are in touch with what is happening in both policy and practice on the ground , as well as ensuring we are in touch more locally with our membership to offer support and representation.

The current structure is supported by a 'Network Chair' whose role includes the organising regional network meetings throughout the year and to act as the eyes and ears of the organisation.

The tenure for each regional Chair is two years from the date of appointment.

 Key Responsibilities

We are keen to strengthen these roles and to enhance the support provided to each Network Chair to enable ATCM to operate more effectively in the future.

 Network Chairs are expected to undertake the following:

  • To support the recruitment of members to the organisation and to act as a key point of contact for members. 
  • Set an annual programme of meetings which can be publicised at the start of the liaising with the Membership Services Manager. 
  • Identify content/issues to be covered for each meeting one month in advance of meeting dates and liaise with the Membership Manager (ATCM) to identify speakers. 
  • Ensure a list/signing in sheet of attendees is provided for each meeting. 
  • Provide minutes of meetings for circulation by ATCM within one month of the meeting. 
  • Provide feedback on regional issues and intelligence on relevant sector developments. 
  • Actively engage with members outside network meetings as necessary. 
  • Act as a conduit for member feedback and service improvement. 
  • Provide contact and intelligence on the appropriate nation's policies and key priorities. 
  • Promote the profile of the ATCM and engage with local agencies where relevant. 

The closing date for nominations is Friday 6 May 2016. To apply please send details through to with a statement as to why nominees are suitable for the role.  Self nominations will be accepted if supported by a practitioner member.

If you have any questions or need further detail, please contact CEO (Acting) Shanaaz Carroll using