Purple Flag Week 2013

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21st to 29th September 2013

Saturday 21st September sees the start of a national celebration of the Purple Flag scheme, which recognises excellence in the management of the evening economy of the country's towns and cities, promoting a vibrant early evening and night-time atmosphere in towns and cities for all.

Baroness Newlove has kindly agreed to be Purple Flag Week Champion, and will be in Liverpool on Saturday 21st  September for the national “Big Purple Switch On” launch, when up to 20 cities will light themselves purple at precisely 7.30pm.

During the week Purple Flag locations will be hosting various activities to highlight the contribution the night-time economy makes to their communities and the UK as a whole. The events will include:

  • A national Big Purple Switch On to light up Purple Flag towns and cities in purple, including castles, churches, fountains, theatres, and even the seaside.
  • The Purple Flag Week Treasure Hunt, a digital treasure hunt using mobile phone NFC tags and QR codes for an evening treasure hunt.
  • Up to 30 Purple Flag towns and cities have their own programme of events to celebrate the success of their evening and night time economies, and to encourage people to visit.

The week's activities will seek to challenge the common negative, stereotypical perceptions about the safety and quality of our town and city centres during the evening, and also to highlight their economic value – the Evening and Night Time Economy is worth £66bn to the UK economy, supporting 1.3M jobs, 5% of the country’s total employment.

Purple Flag Week 2013 will be packed full of events across our accredited towns & cities, offering the opportunity to showcase the quality, diversity and vibrancy of our evening and night-time experiences, highlighting the contribution the industry makes to the UK.

This series of events intends to capture people’s imaginations, change perceptions and encourage people to do something different with their evening in a variety of locations. Our town & city centres are changing rapidly and it is important that we support social and communal uses for our local centres and encourage a mixture of both activity and people to ensure a better night out for all.

Please visit the Purple Flag Social Network pages for regular updates on events and activities taking place in Purple Flag Week 2013 (#purpleflagweek or @purpleflag2013)

Download the Treasure Hunt Map here

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