Local Alcohol Partnership Group

The alcohol industry has been committed to tackling crime and disorder and underage sales for many years. Based at the heart of local communities and an important economic driver for many towns and cities, the alcohol industry has worked hard to raise standards in licensed premises and improve the local social environment to the benefit of the community as a whole. The industry has developed and funded new and innovative partnerships with local authorities and police forces to great effect.

In December 2012 Local Alcohol Partnerships (LAPs) Group was formed, facilitated by the Portman Group and includes industry schemes/initiatives and trade associations. Purple Flag are proud to be part of this group working together in helping to address a range of night time economy issues, including:

Tackling crime and anti-social behaviour; Creating safer high streets; Preventing underage drinking; Ensuring responsible alcohol marketing; Improving the local commercial environment; Providing alcohol education and information.

The aims and objectives of the group are:

  • Work together in a targeted, co-ordinated and holistic fashion to address alcohol related harm
  • Share best practice on evaluation/data collection and analysis
  • Raise awareness of the effectiveness of local partnership initiatives with key stakeholders, such as MPs, local politicians and also the general public
  • Make it easier for local stakeholders to engage with and get information about schemes

The LAPG is coordinated by the Portman Group

Local Alcohol Partnerships schemes featured in Royal Society of Public Health’s and ITN Productions latest ‘Championing Public Health’ Programme


A brand new Royal Society of Public Health programme, produced by ITN Productions, highlights the dedicated people and organisations working with Local Alcohol Partnership schemes* to promote responsible drinking, tackle alcohol-related crime and disorder and create safe and vibrant night time economies across the UK.

You can watch the film here