Purple Flag Standards

The Core Agenda:

The core agenda is the heart of Purple Flag. It represents the standards which need to be achieved and maintained for a successful evening economy.

There are five core standards and each contains further detailed criteria, contained in the entrants resource pack.

The Policy Envelope:

After-hours policy crosses many professional and budgetary boundaries. The challenge is to bring clarity and focus to a complicated field. A clear strategy is needed based on sound research, integrated public policy and a successful multi-sector partnership.


A prerequisite for successful destinations is that they should be safe and welcoming. All sectors have a part to play in delivering high standards of customer care.


Getting home safely after an evening out is crucial. So too is the ability to move around the centre on foot with ease.


Successful destinations should offer a vibrant choice of leisure and entertainment for a diversity of ages, lifestyles and cultures; including families and older people.


Successful areas are alive during the day, as well as in the evening. They contain a blend of overlapping activities that encourage people to mingle and enjoy the place. They reinforce the character and identity of the area as well as flair and imagination in urban design for the night.