Going For Purple Flag FAQ

Who can apply for Purple Flag?

You can participate in Purple Flag if you are a body with a legitimate stake in the evening and night time economy of your town or city centre and are working in partnership with other key interests such as:

  • Health, licensing, security and safety

  • Late night transport and public realm management

  • Hospitality and entertainment

  • Planning and development

  • Residents and consumers

Local authorities, town centre partnerships, business improvement districts, crime and disorder reduction partnerships, Pubwatch partnerships, civic societies and others can all take part. We expect that Local Authorities and Police will be closely involved or take the lead in most cases.

What types of centre?

Purple Flag is designed to apply to all centres of entertainment or those with a leisure offer that is active and varied after hours including:

  • Whole town and city centres

  • Entertainment districts within cities and large towns

  • District centres or market towns

  • Streets and squares within market and country towns

  • New town centres or edge of centre developments that have a diverse evening economy

Why should I apply for Purple Flag?

Our research indicates that Purple Flag can bring real benefits which include:

  • A raised profile and an improved public image for the location

  • A wider patronage, increased expenditure

  • Lower crime and anti social behaviour

  • A more successful mixed use economy in the longer term

How should I apply?

To apply you need to register your detail and access the Purple Flag Entrants' Resource Pack Please register your details here.

The Resource Pack contains practical step by step guidance on how to prepare your entry, supporting charts, templates and details of good practice.

Who will assess my application?

We have trained industry experts from a range of professions as Assessors. Assessors will undertake overnight assessments in each applicant location, liaise with applicants on follow-up fact check, and prepare recommendations for the Accreditation Panel.

Each applicant location will be visited by two assessors as part of their application. Representatives from the Assessor Panel will also undertake spot checks and the 12 month Interim Renewal.

Each application following the assessment will be referred to the Purple Flag Accreditation Panel. This is made up of senior figures with experience of creating and managing successful town and city centres at night. The panel will make the formal decision based on the application and the Assessors' report on whether a location is awarded Purple Flag status.

What is the Assessment about?

Respect for Purple Flag depends on the credibility of its standards and the integrity of the assessment.

The actual assessment takes place twice. The first is undertaken by the applicant using the guidance in the Entrants' Resource Pack and is called the “Self Assessment” and the results should form part of the application. This initial survey should identify any areas that need improvement or action.

The second is a formal Assessment once you actually apply for Purple Flag. It is carried out by two external Purple Flag Assessors.

The Assessment itself is an on the ground appraisal of the performance of the centre during the hours it is active at night and measures performance in each of the five elements detailed above against the expected standard.

To register for Purple Flag contact Sarah Walker here