Apply for Purple Flag

To apply for New, Interim Renewal or Full Renewal for Purple Flag, please click on the relevant box below to obtain all the information and documentation that is required for submission.

The deadline dates for applications to be in by for the Purple Flag rounds in 2016 are:

Round 18 – 31 January 2017

Round 19 – 30 June 2017

Round 20 - 13 October 2017

Submission Entry Fees

Each New, Interim Renewal and Full Renewal submission must be accompanied by the relevant submission fee. The fee covers the cost of processing the submission, assessor’s fees (not applicable to an Interim Renewal), documentation check, submission spot checks, preparation of report to the Purple Flag Panel, guidance and feedback to applicants and attendance for 4 people to attend the Purple Flag Awards ceremony (not applicable to Interim Renewals).

The submission fee is non-refundable and any new submission who is unsuccessful in Purple Flag accreditation will be entitled to re-apply within a 6-12 month period at 50% off the relevant prevailing rate.

Population of Local Authority

New Submission Entry Fee

Interim Renewal Submission Fee

Full Renewal Submission Fee

Under 50,000




50,000 – 200,000




Over 200,001




*All fees are exclusive of VAT.

The entry fee depends on the population of the local authority within which the designated centre is situated.

Assessment (New & Full Renewal submissions only):

Once we have received, reviewed and checked your new and full renewal submission, we will assign two fully trained Purple Flag assessors to carry out an overnight assessment of your area.

Your submission together with the assessors findings are then considered by the Purple Flag Panel (includes Interim Renewal submissions) leading to:

  • Accreditation
  • Defferal
  • Rejection with practical feedback

Successful entrants will then be invited to receive their Purple Flag accreditation at an awards ceremony (new and full renewal submissions only).