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Town Centre Improvements through Sustainable Procurement (ISPRO)


This project combines four powerful concepts working together to create a unique approach to effecting town centre and business area improvements through application of sustainable procurement processes, freight reduction, creating private investment and providing bottom line benefits for businesses.

This project will provide expert support to 3 town centre/business area partnerships to help them develop successful Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) whilst working in parallel to demonstrate real cost savings and environmental benefits by adopting sustainable procurement practices and Delivery and Servicing Plans (DSP) principles through collaboration between BID members. An initial estimate carried out by one of the partners of this project (University of Westminster) - based on previous research and work with Transport for London – indicates that a reduction of up to 20% in CO2 emissions could be attained in each BID location as a result of sustainable procurement initiatives delivered by this project.



Supported by the European Union

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