Digital High Street Skills

Digital High Street Skills Training Programme

There can be no doubt in anyone’s mind about our high streets and town centres needing to be part of the modern digital-mobile experience. But there is a problem. A “digital divide” exists between the larger brand name multiples and the smaller businesses. The top level retailers are succeeding at multi-channel engagement with their customers, but most smaller businesses simply do not have those skills.

ATCM has joined up with the National Skills Academy for Retail to develop a skills programme aimed at all town centre small retailers including cafes, hair salons, bakeries and market traders. 

The Digital High Street Skills Programme offers a foundation course made up of three very practical modules, each lasting half a day.

ATCM is fully committed to levelling the playing field for those smaller businesses that make up our BIDs and town or city centre partnerships. They need some support to embrace the skills and evolve into small scale modern, multi-channel retailers.

For information on the module content and to book your place contact us here