ATCM & Worldpay - Working Together to Conquer the Digital Divide for Small Businesses

Have your opinions heard, and be in with a chance of winning £1,000 cash by filling out this survey.

Disruptive technology provides a wealth of opportunity for the high street

The latest British Retail Consortium (BRC) report encapsulates the immediate challenges facing the industry: shop closures; the impact of the National Living Wage; the rise in business rates; and the automation of retail processes. Add in the incredibly competitive nature of the retail sector and it is inevitable that some businesses will struggle to adapt.

However, industries have coped with technological disruption before. Online sales may have grown by 184% over the past five years, but sales in bricks and mortar stores are also up a healthy 38%*.In fact, reports show that 90% of transactions are still made in-store rather than through a browser**.

For all that ecommerce offers in terms of flexibility and convenience, human beings still have a basic desire to see, touch and try goods for themselves. They value friendly advice from knowledgeable staff, and in many cases they want a day out that both inspires and entertains.

So what is the future of retail?

This isn’t a battle between online and bricks and mortar, it’s about blending the two to create a best of both worlds. The rise of ‘Click and Collect’ is a perfect example this marriage between physical and digital worlds. The future of the physical shop is very bright – as long as retailers can adapt to evolving customer demands and expectations.

Technology is not the enemy of the high street, but retailers do face a choice. Either embrace change and deploy new technologies to deliver a more personal, more joined up, hassle-free service to customers, or carry on just as you always have, and become a dinosaur as consumer expectations move ever further away from the service you can provide in store.

Have your opinions heard, and be in with a chance of winning £1,000

This summer, we are launching a campaign with payments processing company Worldpay, designed to help smaller retailers understand how technology can help them grow and prosper with improved business efficiency and seamless customer journey across the various channels.

To help us shape this campaign, we want to hear from you.  By filling out this survey we’ll understand more about how you are using technology to run your business and serve your customers.   

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**Nomi: Why customers Leave and how to keep them