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Creating a World Towns Agreement

On the 15th and 16th  June 2016, the world’s town and city leaders will meet in Scotland to explore new opportunities, alliances and approaches, essential for a strong competitive economy and a fairer, more equal society.  A key result of the Summit will be the creation and signing of the World Towns Agreement: A Public-Private-Social Vision for Urban Centres – co-produced with the United Nations, Academy of Urbanism and the World Economic Forum. A milestone in urban development for the 21st century, the Agreement will be shared worldwide to help influence international authorities and governments, and to drive forward a new vision of civic governance.

The proposal document (click HERE to view) pulls together all the early thinking, and creates a platform for debate around the four pillars of Economy, Identity, Environment and Leadership. 

We want to hear from you. Do you think that this approach will work? How can it be improved?  View and comment on the World Towns Agreement here:

At the forthcoming World Towns Leadership Summit in  Edinburgh, 150 of the world's leading urbanists, planners and economists, supported by the Academy of Urbanism and the World Economic Forum will be working to shape this thinking into a full agreement to be shared globally and for recommendations to be adopted by participating agencies and Governments.


About The World Towns Leadership Summit

Across the world, the state is shrinking and urgent action is essential if we are to make our places better.  The World Towns Leadership Summit will discuss Towns as a key element of global urban infrastructure. At the scale of nations, they are nodes of labour force with distinct local production and tourism. Towns, while distinct from entire cities, share many traits with urban neighbourhoods outside the city centre.
Hearing from the First Minister for Scotland and a range of internationally recognised leaders and thinkers, this global conversation will result in a ‘World Towns Agreement’, setting out the new alliances and approaches we need to achieve a strong competitive economy combined with a fairer, more equal society?
Be part of the discussion and join international town and urban leaders for a world first, taking place in Scotland in June 2016.  Organised by ATCM, BIDs Scotland, IDA and Scotland’s Towns Partnership, the World Towns Leadership Summit will discuss the evolving nature of civic governance and the changing economic drivers for successful place-making.

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