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Current Consultations

100% Business Rates Retention: Publication of ATCM Consultation Document

At last year’s Conservative Party Conference, the former Chancellor, George Osborne, announced a major shake-up to the way business rates income is distributed with all revenue to be retained by local government by 2020. This summer, the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) has published an outline of how this will work and is seeking feedback from ATCM, and others, on how to take these proposals forward. ATCM is formally opening the consultation process with its members to develop a policy position.

Changes to the way business rates income is redistributed within the public sector has implications for all our members. As our members come from different sectors, all sharing an interest in promoting a vibrant economy, we expect ATCM to have an important role in shaping this debate because of the objectivity we can bring.

Access the ATCM consultation by clicking the link in the title above.

If you missed the webinar which took place for ATCM Members you can watch the recording by following this link here.

Please complete the consultation document (accessed via the link above) and return it to our Public Policy Manager, Ojay McDonald (Ojay.McDonald@atcm.org), by the 16th September 2016.

If you are keen read and respond directly to the full consultation, click here

The Role of the Town and City Centre economy in the Northen Powerhouse

In April ATCM brought members from its North West, North East & Yorkshire and Scotland networks together for a roundtable discussion on the Northern Powerhouse.  The meeting included representation from planners, parliament, LEPs, universities and other external agencies paving the way for ATCM to develop an initial policy position on the Northern Powerhouse.

As a result of the meeting, the document above has been published to gather further views from members in order to develop a policy position better understand how our network can influence and contribute to the Northern Powerhouse agenda.

Please submit your responses to the attached document by 30 September 2016.

Historic Consultations

ATCM Manifesto - March 2014

The next General Election will take place in Spring 2015. The political parties will be developing policies to piece together a coherent plan for growth to present to the electorate in their manifestos. This is a good time to influence future government policy as the parties are more receptive to new ideas during the manifesto drafting period. The most effective vehicle for ATCM to exert influence is to create our own manifesto providing a digestible plan for town and city centres, outlining why they are important and what steps should be taken to support them. Our manifesto will be aimed at current and potential UK policy-makers and requires consultation with members.

Consultation Process

ATCM staff, with the Advisory Council, have produced an initial manifesto based on a 10-step plan. This is now being opened to the wider ATCM membership for comment. Although this is a UK general election, due to devolvement, many of the actions of the UK Government are applicable to England only. However, members from Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales should feel free to contribute ideas and comments as each nation shares common problems and the policy-making of each administration can indirectly affect the policies in other administrations.

ATCM Consultation Response - Property Owner BIDs

During the Summer of 2013, DCLG launched a consultation on the property owner BIDs. The proposals could lead to a huge step in the evolution of private sector-led town centre partnerships. Download ATCM's response to the consultation here

ATCM Response to Consultation on the Implementation of Cross Boundary BIDs

The functional area in which businesses may benefit from a BID does not always correlate with the jurisdiction of the billing authority. In recognition of this, DCLG has been considering a review of legislation in order to permit cross boundary BIDs. ATCM's response to the subsequent consultation is available here.

ATCM Response to the Portas High Street Review consultation

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Response to rebalancing of Licensing Act - Sept 2010
This response to the ‘Rebalancing of the Licensing Act’ has been prepared for the Alcohol Strategy Unit of the Home Office on behalf of the Association of Town Centre Management (ATCM) - a not-for-profit membership organisation dedicated to promoting the vitality and viability of town and city centres. It has more than 540 members including key stakeholders in town and city centres. More than 400 of its members are town and city centre management initiatives. Nearly all of these work as partnerships, some with several hundred contributing members. They develop and implement shared visions, strategies and action plans for a total of more than 700 district, town and city centres throughout the UK.

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DSD(NI) Proposals on BIDs and Pavement Cafés
In December 2010, the Department for Social Development introduced proposals for the introduction of legislation enabling Business Improvement Districts and Pavement Cafés for Northern Ireland. Attached in the response of ATCM NI.

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ATCM Response to NPPF Review
In December 2010, CLG announced that it would consolidate all the separate planning policy statements and guidance, into one for the purpose of streamlining the planning system. It called for views on what should be included in a new National Planning Policy Framework. This is ATCM's response.

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Supplementary Business Rate - ATCM Response to DCLG Enquiry
In many parts of the country there is a need for investment in major infrastructure that would bring long term economic and social benefit. The success of BIDs in the UK has demonstrated that businesses will agree to pay an additional levy associated with their business rate to fund shared projects. The proposal in the Lyons report to introduce a Supplementary Business Rate therefore appears logical. However, it is our view that the proposals as made will destroy the basic concept of trust that is behind the success of BIDs to date and will almost certainly end BIDs in this country just as they are beginning to demonstrate real success.

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