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28 Dec 2017

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Introducing ATCM Basecamp

ATCM is changing. We are improving the way we facilitate dialogue between our members. We are introducing a system that will allow peer-to-peer networking in real-time with all members anywhere in the UK and Ireland. Members will be able to talk to other members anywhere, anytime based on their region or partnership model. The system is called ATCM Basecamp, a new member benefit for 2017.


ATCM Basecamp is currently being trialled as some of you will already know if you are a part of this trial.  After the initial success we now want to extend this trial to all members so you can discuss best practice, share ideas and develop a collective approaches to challenges. You will each be issued with an invitation to ATCM Basecamp. All you need to do to get registered is choose a password. That’s it! You can add your own avatar and profile information. You can also download ATCM Basecamp onto your iPhone or Android device. Its really easy, so get involved and tell us what you think.


Members are already using ATCM Basecamp so don’t delay. Get involved.


What Do You Want To Discuss Today?

During its trial, Basecamp has quickly established itself as the go-to tool for those ATCM members who need support or advice on any topic impacting the day job.


Since Basecamp was formed our members have shared information on a wide variety of issues including street begging, illegal charity collections, BID levy appeals, risk assessments for town wardens, civil parking enforcement and contact details for national retailers. Today, countless discussions are happening on different groups ranging from the operational to the strategic.


ATCM’s Network in Your Pocket

Basecamp gives you access to the knowledge and expertise of the town and city management industry in your pocket 24/7 with an easy to use mobile app.





Basecamp awaits….

We are undertaking a full launch of our virtual network, Basecamp. Sign up to membership now to ensure you and your team members can access new thematic groups on:
  • Air Quality
  • BIDs Group
  • Brexit
  • Business Rates
  • Busking
  • Coastal Towns
  • Safety and Security
  • Digital High Street
  • Events and Festivals
  • Homelessness and Street Begging
  • Housing
  • Local Government Group
  • Parliamentary and Public Affairs
  • Place Marketing and Branding
  • Planning
  • Retail Street Cleaning/Waste Management
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Transport
  • Wardens, Ambassadors and Rangers