Closing Date 3 May 2019

Wakefield BID Manager
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Wakefield BID Manager


Job title: BID Manager for Wakefield BID

Salary: Between £29,000 to £35,000 - dependant on experience

Reporting to: Wakefield BID Board

Deadline: 5pm, 3rd May 2019

How to Apply: All applications should be sent to



Job Purpose

To support the businesses of the Wakefield Business Improvement District (BID) to achieve their aim of delivering the objectives in their business plan. This will be done by liaising with and developing strong relationships with businesses, development agencies, police and the local and county councils, interpreting ideas into practical deliverable actions and coordinating activity and project management to enable the delivery of the BID plan.


Main Responsibilities and Activities



Working closely with the BID Chair and Board:


  • Represent BID and the Board in a professional and exemplary manner at all times


  • Act as the lead point of contact for the BID in all of your activities as BID Manager


  • Work closely with and develop strong working relationships with businesses, partner organisations, agencies and stakeholders across the town/city with whom the BID relies for delivery of its business plan


  • Communicate effectively with businesses, development agencies, statutory and local authorities to gain support and commitment to the delivery of the BID business plan


  • Develop and implement systems to keep local businesses, partners and the broader community, aware of the activities of the BID and engage them as appropriate


  • Liaise with and develop strong, beneficial relationships with Local Government agencies, potential partners in the business, public and voluntary sectors and organisations and individuals within the wider community on BID matters


  • Continually develop knowledge of and profile within the ATCM and BID industry, in particular by identification of trends, concepts, innovation etc. and share knowledge gained of best practice in BID management with the wider team.


Project Delivery

  • Identify projects for delivery against the BID Business Plan objectives. Prepare project plans, understand critical paths. Directly deliver projects and, as a project manager, work with suppliers and businesses to support and enable  this project delivery.


  • Identify opportunities where, by working with partners to support or add value to their project delivery, it will also address BID Objectives.


  • Develop working groups of stakeholders to engage them in the project delivery of the BID, providing a lead as chair of these meetings, structuring agendas, recording notes and coordinating resulting actions and activity.


  • Coordinate the production and distribution of publications and promotion such as leaflets, newsletters, press releases and digital media.


  • Develop tender briefs to aid with  contractor selection, liaise with BID contractors and suppliers on operational matters and oversee payment, to ensure both effective project delivery and value for money.


  • Seek to secure additional revenue and match funding for delivery of projects.



  • Interview, appoint and line manage personnel, (where applicable), in liaison with the BID’s Board Chair (as line manager).


  • Establish and enhance a team spirit and sense of pride in the various roles performed within the BID.


  • Maintain staff records, review performance against objectives, undertakeappraisals, assess training needs, salary reviews and other procedures in accordance with the Staff handbook in conjunction with BID’s Board Chair (as line manager).


Reporting and representation

  • Coordinate and attendBoard meetings, structuring agendas, providing a brief to the Chair and supplying the directors with the necessary literature and reports to allow them to come to informed, relevant and accurate decisions,  recording minutes and coordinating resulting actions and project delivery.


  • Monitor project delivery and report progress and project plans to the Board Chair (as line manager) and at the Board meetings.


  • Ensure the efficient and effective management of the BID through the implementation of management and quality control systems.


  • Responsible for forecasting and management of budgets for both revenue and expenditure.


  • Maintain accurate financial records and adhere to financial protocols


  • Work with the Board to support them in safeguarding the financial position of the BID Company to ensure that performance is at least in-line with approved budgets.


  • Ensure effective measurement and performance of all service providers.


  • Liaise on a monthly basis with the ‘Billing Authority’ representing the BID in monitoring collections.


  • Identify and deliver key performance measurement standards.


  • Work with the contractor established to provide accounting functions for Wakefield BID.


  • Represent the Wakefield BID at appropriate internal & external events.


  • Represent the Wakefield BID on other partner forums, groups and committees.


  • Attend BID related meetings, seminars and conferences at local level to support the development of the BID project.


  • Work closely with the Chair of the Board and the Board to keep them appraised of progress on all matters relating to the provision of BID project services to Wakefield BID.


The job description is a guide the nature of the work required but does not form part of the contract of employment. It is neither wholly comprehensive nor restrictive and does not preclude change or development which may be required in future.


More information on Wakefield BID can be found at  and @wakefieldbid.