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The Town Teams Support Programme Ended on 1st April 2015






In April 2015, the free and heavily subsidised Town Team support programme run by ATCM ended. This is because our funding agreement with DCLG finished on 31st March; our commitment to supporting Town Teams, Portas Pilots and other local partnerships however, does not.

Over 330 Town Teams were established during this programme, and many more are still being created. You can still access lots of free resources to help you establish a new partnership, or support the work of an existing Town Team. Simply access them by clicking on the menu on the left of this page.

Town centres are the beating heart of our sense of identity as well as vital community, political and economic spaces. By simply setting up a Town Team or Portas Pilot, you're taking the first steps toward harnessing peoples' enthusiasm to revitalise your high street. The Portas Review concluded with a vision of the high street as: 

...a civic, not a private space...[where] people come together to create value and share experiences...which offer a clear and compelling purpose and experience that’s not available elsewhere, and which meets the interests and needs of the local people.”

ATCM is proud to be able to help people make great places, especially when this comes to the town and city centres of tomorrow.