Town Centre Personality Test

How well do you know your local area?

Town centres are complex places. They are defined by what's there, who uses it and why they visit. Making sense of this data is often the key to a successful, sustainable high street, town or city centre.

Your local community and surrounding catchment area is most likely a diverse melting pot of people, backgrounds, desires and cultures. Throw into this mix a changing economic and technological landscape and it quickly becomes apparent we need to get to know our own local area before we try and change it.

With ATCM's Personality Test workshop, we'll help you explore the identity of your local area and put in place a few simple social, economic and cultural indicators you can use in the future to continue to develop a rich understanding of your local area and build your strategic vision and action plans around your strengths.

Next Steps

This workshop has a running time of at four hours, and we are able to deliver this for up to twenty people per location. If you're interested in booking or would like further information, please contact Fee available upon request.

You can read more about the background to the Town Centre Personality Test workshop in the report, Successful town centres - developing effective strategies. Supported by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, the report and toolkit are available to download, below. 

Full Report - Successful Town Centres

Annex A - Personality Test

Annex B - Case studies  

Annexes C, D, E, F - Toolkit