Business & Action Planning

"Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performance” is a British Army adage that holds true for our high streets, towns and city centres. While we're not as strict as the Army, we're just as thorough.

Our Business and Action Planning workshop is a full day's session focused on turning your strategy and vision into tangible projects ready for delivery that supports your medium and long-term ambitions, and are captured in an easy to read document.

ATCM's experienced team will take your through the planning process, help you accurately define your objectives and begin to identify necessary actions to achieve this. We'll highlight how best to allocate team members' time and other resources, how to plan projects with an eye on the future and their sustainability, and how to measure the impact you're making through KPIs too.

Next Steps

This workshop works well when attended by a range of different stakeholders so there is no room for future ambiguity. It is a full day's workshop and will be as active and engaging as possible. If you're interested in booking or would like further information, please contact Fee available on request.