19 March 2019
09:30am - 16:30pm


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The Future High Streets Summit 2019

After a successful debut in 2014, the Future High Street Summit is returning in 2019 to offer councils, town teams, BIDs and solution providers the opportunity to share their ideas and experiences for a more prosperous future high street.

The Digital High Street, taking place on 19th March 2019, introduces the audience to the innovations and technologies that are shaping the future of high streets, towns and city centres.

Too often in the media, we see headlines proclaiming that "the high street is dead" - the Future High Street Summit instead embraces the belief that the high street is evolving. The event brings together innovations and concepts which ease this transition, creating a positive impact on communities which both benefits the local economy and adds social value.

Designed, delivered and hosted by founder, Clare Bailey (was Clare Rayner), The Retail Champion, the Future High Street Summit aims to engage and inspire all those with a passion for creating a positive, successful future high street.