25 June 2020
09:00am - 17:00pm


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Summer School 2020

Shops. Banks. Estate agents. Travel agents. Restaurants. Transport. Communications. Crime. Cash. Jobs. Skills. 


When you take a step back to observe the big picture, it is clear that society and economy are fundamentally changing, and these changes are interlinked and impact every aspect of the high street. The way we work, live and play is exposed to a revolution, and without taking account of the big picture and understanding how we adapt, our towns and city centres will be exposed to a painful transition. 


High Streets vs the Industrial Revolution (working title) will bring together our learnings from the 2018 Cities Summit (The Fourth Industrial Revolution?) and 2019 Summer School (#Futureconsumer) to explore the technology driven transition happening across society and economy, explaining what this means for practitioners in place management. ATCM Summer School 2020 will bring together 200+ delegates to discuss one of biggest challenges facing the place management industry. We will also celebrate best practice through the return of the Town and City Management Industry Awards for 2020. 


Bookings will open later this year. SAVE THE DATE!