12 September 2019
12:00pm - 16:00pm

UK Digital Retail Innovation Centre

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The 30th May 2019 saw the launch of the UK:DRIC.


This is a fascinating development for the industry. This concept, supported by GFirst LEP and the UK Government, not only provides inspiration for how we revitalise underused retail space, but it also emerges as an exciting way to foster new business models for micro businesses and technology solutions in the retail sector.


With recent ATCM events such as ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution?’, ‘Death of the High Street?’ and ‘Summer School 2019: #FutureConsumer’, the impact of disruptive technologies is a hot topic for us. The UK:DRIC provides a hub where we can learn how to embrace these disruptive technologies. Therefore, on the 12th Sept, we would be delighted to invite ATCM members to join us for a study tour of the UK:DRIC and to have a discussion about the opportunities and challenges for the 21st Century high street.


At this meeting we will be joined by members of GFirst LEP for a broader discussion on the future of retail and it's role within Local Industrial Strategies.


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