4 October 2018
10:00am - 16:00pm

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ATCM Cities Summit: The Fourth Industrial Revolution?

So often has the rise and fall of history’s great cities succeeded the rise and fall of the key industries those cities have relied on. The next phase of the digital revolution could be a game changer that dictates those cities that thrive and those that decline. So significant are the potential implications of artificial intelligence that many commentators are already calling this the fourth industrial revolution.

AI could transform how we work, live and play forcing us to re-evaluate the mechanics of the city economy including livability, employment, skills and mobility. However, recognising that cities are always evolving and that AI is only a part of the wider disruption caused by digital technology there is a need to separate those claims that have merit from those that are myth. Are we really on the verge of the fourth industrial revolution? If so, how does the city management industry prepare for the future? We will bring together a blend of urbanists and futurists to offer clarity to these issues.

Thanks to the support of Glasgow City Council, this event will be free to members of ATCM.