27 June 2019

Camden Town

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Bookings are now open!

Society is evolving. The way Millennials and Generation Z live, work and play is different to anything we have known before. How they spend money is changing rapidly. How they engage with brands, products and places is mind boggling. And how they use their leisure time is constantly being redefined. A failure to adapt to these changes will mean high streets become collateral damage as the #FutureConsumer grows to become the dominant consumer. And the uncomfortable truth is, many of us do not even understand the scale of change, nevermind know how to respond.
The time to prepare for the #FutureConsumer is now. With new technology, new forms of employment, concerns around housing, a myriad of new ways to shop and use leisure time, ATCM members need to know the implications for the town centres of tomorrow. At Summer School 2019, #FutureConsumer will provide in-depth analysis of the evolution being driven by Millennials and Generation Z. It will combine high quality keynote presentations with engaging workshops to deliver an industry leading event open to all across the town and city management industry including town centre managers, Business Improvement Districts, economic development officers, planners, licensees, retailers, property and many others.
Summer School will also include a celebration of industry best practice with the 2019 Town and City Management Industry Awards Dinner and a range of excellent study tours that will bring the conference theme to life.
Mind the Generation Gap! Tickets for the 2019 ATCM Summer School ‘#FutureConsumer’ will be available soon. Book early to avoid disappointment. As always, ATCM members will be eligible for an early bird offer and will benefit from a discount on tickets thereafter.