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Exciting Role as Director of Community Safety and Security Partnership Now Open to Applications


Job Title: Director; Community Safety and Security Partnership
Company: London Bridge BID Company, Team London Bridge
Location: London Bridge, London
Responsible to: Chief Executive
Salary: Competitive

About the Role

Team London Bridge's vision is “to make London Bridge one of the most sustainable, culturally innovative and compelling places for business and tourism in the world”. At the core of this vision is our unwavering commitment to enhancing safety and security in the London Bridge area.  

Given the unique challenges posed by its central location, numerous iconic sites and high foot traffic, including the potential for terrorism threats and rising acquisitive crime, we are seeking a Director of Community Safety and Safety Partnership.


In this role, you will take the lead in bolstering preparedness, resilience, and crime mitigation for BID members, staff, and visitors, with a dedicated commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion across all safety initiatives. As the Director, you will spearhead safety initiatives, establish strategic partnerships, and actively engage with the community. Additionally, you will serve as a prominent ambassador for the area and the BID membership, championing forward-thinking public realm management that priorities the creation of a supportive, culturally vibrant, and sustainable environment. 


Key Responsibilities  

Crime Prevention Strategic Lead: You will be the key strategic point of contact for business requiring safety and security support.  You will be required to make sure that all BID services support and adhere to safety advice, including, public realm management, bike security, event management, planning responses, communications, and premises management.  

Contract Management:  Manage contracts delivering community safety services. Including but not limited to management of the contract and strategic oversight of;  funded police officer contracts (MET, BTP, Southwark), BCRP and TLB and Shop Alerts. This involves setting tasking in alignment with the area's crime priorities and coordinating comprehensive prevention strategies.   

Prevention Awareness Leadership: Develop and implement crime prevention communications with colleagues to increase awareness, including the organisation and delivery of strategic initiatives and training events aimed at reducing crime within the community. Manage and continue to roll out the implemented Team London Bridge Alerts’ Mass Notification Platform & App  


Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders, including, Southwark Council, TFL, Network Rail, BCRP, Met Police, British Transport Police and Safer Neighbourhood groups, contractors, and all emergency and security services.  


Business Engagement: Serve as the senior security and safety liaison between the organisation and the local business, actively engaging with them to understand their security needs and provide solutions.  This is across all businesses sectors in London Bridge area, large and small.   Develop the Southwark Security and Resilience Forum, PubWatchSE1 and ShopWatch, working with the businesses and neighbouring BIDs to ensure London Bridge’s safety and security.   


Policy Development and Best Practice:  Develop strategic policies and procedures related to community safety and ensuring they align with industry laws and standards.   

Homelessness Mitigation: Collaborate with all stakeholders to address issues of homelessness and rough sleeping within the London Bridge area.  


Data Analysis and insight: Utilise data analysis to make informed decisions to ensure resources are best used across the area.    


Crisis Management: Work with Statutory Organisations to ensure the London Bridge area is prepared and resilient.  Be prepared to assume a strategic role in crisis management situations, coordinating efforts with relevant agencies, businesses and stakeholders. 


General Duties  


Reporting: Reporting directly to the CEO and providing regular comprehensive reports to the Board of Directors, offering a strategic analysis of all security matters.  These reports should not only highlight current activities but also include strategic insight and recommendations for enhancing security efforts.   

Meeting Coordination and Follow-up:  Coordinate and manage all relevant meetings by ensuring they align with the organisation’s goals.  You will be required to take thorough notes and ensure follow-up actions to drive results.   

Additional Funding Development: Explore options to secure additional funding for security initiatives and projects within the London Bridge area.  This requires collaboration and positive engagement.  

Relationship Management: Able to work across a small team and in partnership with all stakeholders.  This role requires a person who is able to put people at ease and work in collaboration.  

Health and Safety: Organisational lead for Health and Safety, ensuring the organisation is compliant across all areas. Identify and ensure compliance training across the organisation. 


Adaptability:  Demonstrate flexibility by undertaking any other duties that may reasonably be required to ensure the ongoing success of the organisation.    

Person Specification 

This role requires an individual who has built up a significant bank of knowledge of security, safety, and building resilience practices at a strategic level.  The ideal candidate should have a demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, fostering an inclusive security environment that respects and values individuals from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives 


Education, Qualifications and Professional Experience: 

  • Relevant degree or training in security and safety field.   

  • Experience in security management in a leadership role. 

  • Proven experience in overseeing security operations in complex and diverse environments. 

  • Experience in corporate, government, or private sector security. 

  • Strong understanding of security principles, risk management, and security technologies. 

  • Deep Knowledge of relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards. 

  • Experience with security assessments, threat analysis, and emergency response planning. 


Leadership and Management Skills: 

  • Excellent strategic planning and decision-making skills. 

  • Proven experience in budgeting and resource allocation. 

  • Communication and interpersonal skills at a senior level.   

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills. 

  • Effective stakeholder management and the ability to build strong relationships both internally and externally. 

  • Negotiation and conflict resolution skills. 


Analytical and problem-solving abilities: 

  • Strong analytical skills to assess security risks and devise effective mitigation strategies. 

  • Ability to respond quickly and decisively to security incidents and emergencies. 

Technological Proficiency: 

  • Familiarity with security technologies. 

  • Understanding of cybersecurity and information security practices. 


Adaptability and Flexibility: 

  • The capacity to adapt to evolving security threats and adjust security protocols accordingly. 

  • A willingness to stay up-to-date with industry best practices and emerging trends. 


Professional Conduct: 

  • A strong commitment to ethical conduct and professional integrity. 

  • The ability to handle high-pressure situations calmly and effectively. 

  • Demonstrated respect for confidentiality and a track record of maintaining sensitive information securely.

  • The role requires the successful candidate to be predominantly office based and working in the London Bridge area.   


Please submit CV and cover letter (no longer than one side of A4) to Jenny George by Monday  27h November 2023.   


Interviews to take place Friday 1 December 2023 between 10am and 3.30pm, in person in the London Bridge area.  

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