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Title ATCM BIDs Policy Conference
Organiser ATCM Central

The Inaugural ATCM BIDs Policy Conference will explore the relationship between BIDs and local government and discuss a framework for a better relationship between the two. We will demonstrate how BIDs are delivering growth and identify best practice in the development of collaboration between the public-private sector.

Local government is under pressure. Cuts to public sector spending continues to be squeezed. Seven years into fiscal consolidation and council across the country are being asked to make difficult decisions about service delivery.

In different ways, BIDs are a casualty of this shift. There are BIDs that can no longer rely on the financial support of their local authority. There are others facing a breakdown in the relationship with their local authority because of redundancies to key personnel responsible for economic development. There are others still that are being forced to take on public services.

Is there a better way that benefits everyone? The very benefits that BIDs bring can trigger the local growth required to ease the pressure on public finances.

This event is for BIDs (both existing and developing), local government, levypayers, LEPs and many others. It is free to ATCM members and £99 (exc VAT and Eventbrite fee) for everyone else.
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Start Date 18/05/2017 09:30
End Date 18/05/2017 17:30
Address Highbury Hall
B13 8QG
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Category BID Event
Contact Email office@atcm.org