Helping People Make Great Places

ATCM is a unique organisation, with a membership that spans the private, public and third sectors. As the largest organisation of its kind in Europe, ATCM has over the past two decades evolved into an influential voice for the town and city management community, and as a widely respected authority on policy, innovator of research, and best practice example of partnership working and cross sector engagement.

We are a not-for profit, mutual organisation, owned by our members, which focusses on the creation, development, and management of vibrant and viable town and city centres. 

Helping People Make Great Places

These five simple words encapsulate everything about the way the Association of Town and City Management (ATCM) does business.

We are passionate about getting the very best for our towns and cities both for now and for the future. From offering support and advice to those ‘on the ground’, to influencing decision makers at the top of Government, ATCM works tirelessly to ensure that each and every town and city, and each and every high street is living up to its full potential. 

It is crucial that our decision making is based on fundamental, unswerving principles. Here are ours:

Valuing our members

Our members are the lifeblood of this organisation. They come in all shapes and sizes, and span across the private, public and third sectors. Their reach is what makes ATCM unique, and their knowledge and enthusiasm gives ATCM the experience and credibility to really tackle the challenges of the present- and of the future. ATCM is incredibly proud of its members; the work that they do, and the enthusiasm they show.


We like to build things that will last, which is why each of our programme areas is focussed on providing long-term answers to the questions of today, recognising the crucial economic and social importance of these places.

People and their places

People love their towns, cities and neighbourhoods - we understand that. We also understand that each place is different. At ATCM we supply the tools and resources that give people the networks, the knowledge, and the support to deliver real results.


The breadth of knowledge that ATCM possesses is unrivalled. It is therefore imperative that we use it to both inspire, and lead the way in developing the towns and cities for future generations.