Understanding the Next Generation of Consumer

20 Aug 2018

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The Insights People to join forces with ATCM to deliver intelligence on millennials and their kids


Market intelligence resource The Insights People is to join forces in a strategic partnership with ATCM to confront the challenges facing today’s high street retailers.
The Insights People manage both Parents Insights and Kids Insights, identifying how consumer behaviour is evolving. In an increasingly fragmented world, the importance of a large, representative sample is more important than ever.
Surveying 400 different children ranging from ages four to 18 every single week, Kids Insights has been designed to provide clients with a 99% confidence level at an annual level. The sample is nationally representative regarding both age and gender. 
Parents Insights looks at the ways in which brands can maintain their advantage with parents. By delving into their world, Parents Insights gain information on what they are consuming, alongside their babies and young children, in terms of their digital environment, media, products and services.


Ojay McDonald and Nick Richardson (The Insights People) shaking hands

ATCM Chief Executive Ojay McDonald (right) discusses the future of the high street with the Chief Executive of The Insights People, Nick Richardson (left).


Nick Richardson, Chief Executive of The Insights People, said: “We recognise the challenges facing the high street today and have seen some of the casualties of these challenges. That’s why we will be working with ATCM to understand and address this. The dramatic changes in the way children and parents are spending their time and money represents exciting opportunities for town centres, something this strategic partnership will explore.
As part of this partnership ATCM will be subscribing to our reports and online portal. We’ll be providing members with regular content and data and speaking at a number of events.”
Ojay McDonald, Chief Executive of ATCM comments: “We all know that consumer behaviour is changing rapidly and that people desire something different from their high streets. However, do we know what ‘different’ looks like? This partnership with The Insights People could provide us with many of the answers the retail industry is looking for. It gives us access to the trends, opinions and behaviour of the next generation of consumer in real-time.
With their ability to deliver industry leading market intelligence on the consumers of the future, merged with our understanding of the high street retail market, we believe we can help reshape town centres across the UK for the better.“
For further information on The Insights People visit www.theinsightspeople.comor call +44 (0) 3301 596 631