Storecheckers’ Data Indicates Christmas Markets Support the High Street

4 Feb 2020

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Research in Liverpool, Manchester, Peterborough and Winchester suggests symbiotic relationship between Christmas markets and other retailers

In December 2019, Storecheckers surveyed visitors at four UK Christmas Markets; Liverpool, Manchester, Peterborough and Winchester, to assess the impact of festive markets on high streets. 

They discovered some vital information:

47% of respondents said the main reason for their visit to the town was to attend the Christmas Market. Once in the town, market visitors spent an average of twice as much in the high street than at the Christmas Market; £25 average spend for the targeted markets against £57 in the town centres.

54% of visitors to the Christmas Markets were from outside the local area, confirming that markets draw people into towns and cities, and hold a vital role in raising footfall on high streets.

82% stated that their Christmas market spend did not have any impact on their spending elsewhere in the town centre.

Managing Director Jeff Caplan said “This feedback busts the myths that Christmas Markets took money away from year-round town centre based businesses”. 

When asked what they liked best about the markets, the highest responses were: 37% for festive feel and atmosphere and 30% for food and drink.

66% stated that they would like Christmas Markets to continue and grow, when asked what they would like to see in the future.
With the average dwell time of over two hours,  Mr Caplan also noted: “this shows that not only are Christmas markets supplying a reason to come into our towns centres but the benefits from increased spend, dwell time and positivity show they are an excellent future investment for cities”. 

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