Place Branding Practice in the UK and Ireland

27 Dec 2017

Ojay McDonald

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ATCM and the University of Greenwich publish joint report following research with practitioners


How important is strategic place branding for the success of town centres and visitor destinations?
What can and cannot be achieved by place branding?
Should places be branded at all?


ATCM and the University of Greenwich are delighted to present key findings from a research study published recently in the journal ‘Cities’ and conducted with town and city management professionals, exploring their perceptions of place branding.
This report touches on a number of key issues such as the challenges of place branding in an era of social media and the shared economy, appealing to a younger generation without disenfranchising an older generation and bringing the practice of branding and management together to ensure authenticity.
This report is based on the peer reviewed article Confused branding? An exploratory study of place branding practices among place management professionals”.


The report can be downloaded here.