ATCM Elects a New Chair of the Board of Directors

9 Nov 2020

Ojay McDonald

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Lisa Carlson to Lead the Town and City Management Industry


ATCM is delighted to announce that Lisa Carlson, CEO of Canterbury BID, has been elected as Chair of the ATCM Board of Directors. She will lead the town and city management industry over the next three years and support its navigation through the crisis.

During her time in Canterbury, Lisa has shown excellent qualities as a place manager giving businesses more of a voice in local decision making, introducing innovative and collaborative ways of working with local authorities and community groups and supporting Purple Flag to evolve. This led to her quick ascent to the position of Chair of the South East network in 2018.

Her ability did not escape the attention of outgoing Chair, Leigh Brown.

“Lisa’s rise up the ranks is not a surprise. She’s displayed great ability as a place manager and has all the right ingredients to take that leadership to an international level through ATCM.

It is the first time that ATCM will be led by a BID, something which CEO, Ojay McDonald, welcomes.

“When I took over as CEO, I made a promise to ensure ATCM is led by its members allowing the Board to be our eyes and ears. It is great to have a BID lead ATCM for the first time. Not only do we need to ensure the struggles BID’s are facing during the coronavirus crisis are recognised at Board level, but like ATCM, BID’s have diverse memberships they need to support. The synergy in the business models suggests to me that Lisa will take to the new role seamlessly.”

One of the key qualities which pleased the Board about Lisa, is a commitment to place management in all its diversity.

“I am delighted to be given the opportunity to support ATCM in a leadership role. One of the thing’s that really excites me about the organisation is its openness to place management in all its forms whether private sector, public sector or community driven. This openness makes it a breeding ground for innovation which we will need to capitalise on to ensure, as a network, we can weather the storm of the pandemic and look forward to better times ahead.

I look forward to working with members, partners and policy-makers to ensure our high streets, towns and city centres have a better tomorrow to look forward to.

Lisa will be supported by multi-sector representation on the Board as new members take their place as part of routine renewal. ATCM is also delighted to welcome new Board members Kenny Brew, City Centre Streetscene Manager, Liverpool City Council (and Chair of ATCM North West), Catherine Davis, Economic Initiatives & Marketing Coordinator at Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (and Chair of ATCM Yorkshire, Humber and North East) and Vaughan Allen, CEO of CityCo Manchester and Manchester BID (and Chair of the ATCM Cities Network).