Halloween revealed as the fastest growing retail event in the UK for under 18s

22 Aug 2018

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Majority of four to six-year-olds due to celebrate Halloween this year

In terms of sales, Halloween is the third biggest retail event of the year behind Christmas and Easter

Growing popularity of the seasonal holiday “provides many exciting opportunities for the retail sector”

70% of children are set to celebrate Halloween this year, a figure which jumps to 89% amongst 4 to 6-year-olds according to Kids Insights. This demonstrates the strength of the event - which is resonating stronger with every generation of UK children - and how it has established itself as one of the key events for UK retailers.

The study of more than 5,000 youngsters found that Trick or Treating is the most common way to celebrate Halloween, with 58% of 4 to 9-year-olds expecting to partake this year. Girls are more likely than boys to join in with all Halloween celebrations.

Beyond the age of 11, the number of children who celebrate Halloween begins to decline, from 83% of 11-year-olds to 48% of 14-year-olds. The number of teenagers who celebrate them stays stable, at around 50% of teenagers.

Teenagers are the most likely demographic to hold a party with their friends, and an average 40% of children will be purchasing a fancy-dress outfit. Just less than a half of children aged between four and nine will buy a pumpkin.

Kids Insights data shows almost a third (31%) of young children purchase decorations and around one in five buy make-up.

According to Google Trend UK data, searches for Halloween were 40% higher in 2017 than the equivalent period in 2012.


Trick or Treat

Ojay McDonald, the ATCM Chief Executive, said: “This research confirms what our members have been telling us for years, that Halloween is hugely popular and carries big potential for town centres. This includes retailers selling related products in the run up to the 31st October who can boost sales, but also the opportunity to host some great events that draw people into town on the big night. It's a great chance to showcase a town in all its spooky glory just as the busy Christmas period begins to kick in.”

Kids Insights’ lead future analyst Nick Richardson said children’s increasing enthusiasm for celebrating Halloween represents and exciting opportunity for retailers:

He said: “There is no doubt that Halloween represents a significant opportunity for retailers and manufacturers. We’ve seen various brands getting behind this trend already, such as M·A·C cosmetics teaming up with London Dungeons to create Halloween-inspired make-up looks. The level of enthusiasm expressed by children to dress up, host parties and go out on Halloween represents a really exciting opportunity for retailers as this years’ Halloween celebrations are shaping up to be bigger than ever."

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