The Metamorphosis of ATCM

28 Dec 2017

Leigh Brown, Chair of ATCM

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Update from the ATCM Chair, Leigh Brown

Download Our Draft Business Plan for 2018 and Beyond


If you haven’t noticed yet, we are changing, and quickly. 


Shortly after my appointment as ATCM Chair, I promised that we would get back to basics by reconnecting with our members before taking the industry forward to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. We have begun this process of transformation.


We have appointed Ojay McDonald as the Acting Chief Executive of ATCM, to guide us through a period of restructuring into early 2018.


We have boosted practitioner participation in our Board to ensure we are truly membership-led with representation from across the UK and Ireland.


We have launched a new website which will enable us to communicate better with our members and other audiences.


We have a new Facebook page that will be trialled as a portal to bring international tourism and investment into the centres managed by our members.


We are undertaking a full launch of Basecamp to enhance it as the tool for peer-to-peer networking across the industry.


We are developing plans for the evolution of the industry in the UK and Ireland by opening up a discussion on the greater involvement of property owners, investors and developers in all forms of town centre partnerships.


We are building new relationships with commercial suppliers to bring an additional level of support to our members.


We are opening up our network meetings so any member can attend any regional event, free of charge.


We are reconvening the Cities Group.


Finally, we have opened a discussion about the future of the Post-Brexit urban economy, exploring the policy reform we need for resilience.


This is just a fraction of our reform agenda. It’s all change.


A vital part of the process of ensuring we can reconnect with our members is to allow you to have your say on our direction of travel and be part of proposing new ideas that could shape the future of our industry. With this in mind, I am delighted to be able to present our draft business plan for 2018 to 2020. The sections covered include:


  • Where We Are Now
  • Our Purpose, Vision and Core Objectives
  • Our Membership Offer
  • Our Vision for the Future
  • Have Your Say


Let us have your comments and feedback. This will be a living and breathing document that sketches out ATCM’s strategy for the next 3 years without setting this strategy in stone. We expect it will evolve where necessary as the marketplace demands and so anticipate flexibility being a key feature going forward. All comments are welcome for members and non-members alike.


Please send your thoughts to

Our four strands of activity for 2018 and beyond.



Download our draft business plan for 2018 to 2020 here to have your say on the direction of the industry.