ATCM Update on the Terrorist Attack in Barcelona

18 Aug 2017

Ojay McDonald

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Yesterday, we got a chilling reminder of the threat our town and city centres face.

Yet again, we find ourselves offering our condolences to all those affected by another terrorist attack, this time in the wonderful city of Barcelona at the popular tourism destination – Las Ramblas. 13 victims are confirmed to have died and many more have been injured.

Yet again, we find ourselves reminding members that everyday tools are being used with devastating impact, continuing a recent and horrible trend that has already been observed in the UK this year.

We ask our members to ensure you, your team, and your wider stakeholders are aware of the advice available from the Home Office, National Counter Terrorism Security Office and other relevant agencies. 

Please ensure you watch and circulate the Stay Safe from the National Police Chiefs' Council.


Furthermore, please download the latest Crowded Places Guidance by clicking here.

Safety and security has become a key issue for ATCM this year. It has become a theme in many of our events and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.