1 In 4 Kids Believe Digital Currencies Will Be The Future

4 Dec 2019

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Research from Kids Insights Reveals Potential Major Shifts in High Street Commerce

1 in 4 kids believe that digital currencies will be the future according to the latest research from Kids Insights. Such a change would transform the high street.

The research also identifies that the majority of under 18 year old kids already have some understanding of digital currencies – which include things such as cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin).

The finding is the latest reminder of a digital revolution happening in commerce, with the use of physical cash rapidly declining.

The research demonstrates not only how much technology is changing the kids’ ecosystem but how kids themselves are changing the world’s ecosystem. Generation Z (born between the mid-1990s and 2010) and Generation Alpha (born post 2010) will become increasingly influential in retail, making the research essential reading for the town and city management industry. 

The data explores some powerful insights with as many as one in four children have learned to code, to some extent. Growing up digital-natives, they are acquiring specific skills – often passively while enjoying other entertainments and interests. For example, 1 in 5 kids aged 10+ are using TikTok, the fun short-video app. Children who are creating their own videos on these platforms are, perhaps unknowingly, developing their video shooting, editing and effects skills – which will be highly desirable in the future. Frequent Instagram and Snapchat posters are also developing public relations, marketing and communication skills future employees will value.

Kids Insights, a global leader in kids’ market intelligence, launch its latest set of 4 in-depth insight-led reports that gives an unrivalled viewpoint into the online & offline world of kids, tweens and teens. The reports are predominantly based on the results of surveying 5,330 children between 1st July and 30th September 2019, though it also utilises data they have collected since May 2017.

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